FAQS about gay massage

FAQs about Gay Massage

FAQs you need to know! You can also call, though here you will find the most common questions about We’s gay massage service!


How much time in advance do I need to book?

The sooner the better. There are days we are very busy, and some others we can serve also last minute calls. Make it easy and quick: call to find out how our schedule looks like today!

FAQs about limits

Massage and sex

Is massage equal to sex?

Massage and sex are two different words. So two different services. We want to be honest at all times. If you have elaborate questions please make a voice call.

What is erotic massage?

Tour is the most frequent question. We answered here: gay erotic massage. Though the best way to understand is enjoying it!


Can I take a shower?

Of course! Our studio is fully equipped so you can take a shower before and after your massage!

FAQs about payments


Do you accept Credit Cards?

We never accept Credit Cards. Our service works with cash only. Since you need to plan your visit you will have the right time to visit an ATM.

Gentlemen who have a Spanish bank account can also use the app Bizum.


Are there any discounts available?

Sometimes we are in the right mood for a discount. Though please call personally to deal exactly what you want. Please avoid endless whatsApp chatting and call directly.

Be honest by requesting the features you want. We are very generous but many guys think they can humiliate us; you’ll agree that’s not the point.

FAQs about safety


What is the risk of diseases transmission?

First off, we are very clean young men. Hygiene has an extremely relevant part in our daily life.

Besides all the usual precautions, we added up many new protocols to avoid the covid-19 infections.

You are welcomed to learn the standards he is following by checking covid-19 precautions.

These are our current fees: massage prices.

Take a minute also to check our reviews!

Finally, if your questions are much deeper and you need a huge amount of questions and answers, please visit male masseur FAQs!