Massage prices

Precios de masaje gay

Massage prices for many different kinds of sessions. Different timings, different styles, but always hot!

We have simplified it to the max —or the minimum, to be simple and easy.

Please feel free to ask us to skip any of these if you don’t want it!

Gay naked massage

Always included.

Gay prostate massage

Always included.

Lingam massage

Always included.

Mutual gay massage

Always included.

Happy ending

Always included.


It is a little extra, please mention you want it as well!


Naked gay massage

As the name says, tour therapy is about both of us not wearing any clothes. Receiver and therapist see each other and are also allowed to share touch. This is a very balanced way to achieve intimacy and peace. A very sweet massage that also includes the receiver’s happy ending.

Chakra one or prostate massage

The spicy touch! If you enjoy back door massage, we are your guys. We master these disciplines! If you prefer to skip it, please say so!

Lingam massage

As you know, this is a very ancient technique, taken from the Tantric massages. It is about different grips to massage your tool. It lasts as much as you can take, and is normally interrupted short before you feel it coming. This way we torture you even longer in order to stretch the time of enjoyment.

Reciprocal gay massage

This is the most exciting massage experience you’ll ever live up! You can also caress us all over our body, including our forbidden parts. Reciprocity means “mutual massage” with the therapist. Isn’t this irresistible!

The longer massage sessions will allow you to build a genuine man to man connection. Intimate and unique!

You can also see a short version of how my gay massage looks like on these gay massage videos.

Gay massage prices

The difference among all these options is the timing. Obviously, the longer the session the more erotic grips we will be able to practice. Please have in mind payment is only cash!

Session time (minutes)Price
Gay Massage15100 €
Gay Massage30100 €
Gay Massage45150 €
Gay Massage60200 €
Gay Massage Deluxe75250 €
Gay Massage Deluxe90300 €
Gay Massage Deluxe120400 €
Llama para consultar disponibilidad ¡y descuentos!

Extras or specials

Please contact me to discuss them personally if not listed here!


This technique is not included, as rimming, also not included. Any of these options are 50 €. So add 50 if you want a lolly-pop, and add some 50 if you also want to top it with some rimming!

More options

Shower Massage

Included in the 90 minutes session.

Fetish massage

Finally, please call us personally to discuss your preferences. No written requests, only voice-calls!

Now contact us to book your reservation!

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